Charts showing Dragon award finalists and their rating counts on Goodreads


The Dragon Awards haven't been running long enough to be able to produce particularly interesting charts from their results. However, they have been controversial in some circles due to their claim to "be a true reflection of the works that are genuinely most beloved by the core audience.".

It should be noted that there is plenty of prior research using a similar methodology to the data presented here. In fact, those posts have more complete data than is presented here, as there are a relatively high proportion of Dragon finalists that don't have ISBNs, and thus we can't get stats for them in an automated manner via the Goodreads API.

Dragon Award

Best Alternate History Novel

Best Apocalyptic Novel

Best Fantasy Novel

Best Horror Novel

Best Media Tie-In Novel


Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel

Best Science Fiction Novel

Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel