2023 Hugo Award Voter Packet Contents

This page lists the contents of the voter packet for the 2023 Hugo Awards finalists. None of the nominated works are contained on this page, but there are links to external sites hosting those files, where the finalists have made them available separately from the Hugo Award voter packet. This page has no affiliation with the Chengdu Worldcon, the Hugo Awards or WSFS, beyond me being a registered remote attendee/member for the 2023 event.

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This is a "living document", updates and corrections will be made over time. If you see an error, please contact me using the links at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to Liz Batty, Bill (PlinyTheOlder) and Juan Sanmiguel for providing corrections and clarifications.

CSFDB and ISFDB were essential references for documenting some of the details, publication histories, etc.

My understanding is that file-sharing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox are not accessible to users in China who don't have a VPN, so where I have been able to get permission, I have uploaded copies to the Send Big service, which does appear to be accessible in China, albeit the files are automatically removed after 30 days.

Chinese language pages with similar information to this page, created by Hugo finalist Arthur Liu (aka Heaven Duke), can be found here and here. 雨果奖最佳粉丝作者项目入围者HeavenDuke(天爵)创建了与此页面类似的中文版页面,点击此处此处查看详情。

This page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs (CC BY-SA) license, which - in my understanding - means anyone can reuse the work however they like (including commercially), but you you must credit me, and share your version under similar terms. The page is a single HTML file, with all CSS styling and images embedded within it, which should make it easy to share anywhere.

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The original version of this page is available at https://sf.ersatzculture.com/chengdu-worldcon/voter-packet-contents.html , which should always have the most up-to-date publicly released version of this information.

Release history

Date Version Comment
2023-08-19 1.0 Initial release
2023-08-19 1.01 Fix stuff that I should have got right first time; add links to freely downloadable copies of some stories
2023-08-21 1.02 Start to add translator credits; incorporate corrections and suggestions; other minor fixes.
2023-09-01 1.03 Add quick link nav bar; link to Arthur Liu's page; add mentions of finalists that aren't in the packet; minor fixes and improvements.
2023-09-05 1.04 Add in the categories that are not yet part of the official voter packet; document the contents of the Chinese Best Editor (Long Form) packets; more minor fixes and improvements.
2023-09-10 1.05 Nerds of a Feather's Chinese translation is now available for download.
2023-09-11 1.06 Added a couple of alternative download links; very minor formatting cleanups.

Colour key

Complete in English
Multiple English files, some are complete, some not
Partial English version, e.g. an extract or excerpt
Basic information, e.g. how to request a NetGalley copy
Complete in Chinese
Multiple Chinese files, some are complete, some not
Partial Chinese version, e.g. an extract or excerpt
Basic information, e.g. how to request a copy

"Complete" refers to whether a story or book is complete, as opposed to being an extract or excerpt. For categories such as "Best Artist" or "Best Fancast", the content provided in the packet is considered "complete", even if it does not include every single piece of eligible work that finalist produced in 2022.

Title / name / 名字 English? / 英文 Chinese? / 中文 Links / 链接 Notes / 札记
Best Novel (114MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 116MB)
John Scalzi - The Kaiju Preservation Society 约翰·斯卡尔齐 - 怪兽保护协会 272 page complete PDF, EPUB extract 55 page watermarked DOCX and PDF excerpt A brief extract of the Chinese translation posted by the publisher on Weibo. The "Sneak Peek" was available as a free dozenload from vendors like Amazon and Kobo in early 2022, but seems to have been removed. Chinese translation by 耿辉 (Geng Hui).
Mary Robinette Kowal - The Spare Man 玛丽·罗比内特·科瓦尔 - 多余的人 368 page complete PDF, EPUB extract
Silvia Moreno-Garcia - The Daughter of Doctor Moreau 西尔维娅·莫雷诺-加西亚 - 莫罗博士的女儿 164 page extract, watermarked PDF 180 page extract, watermarked PDF There are links at the start and end of the English language PDF to request the full book on NetGalley. No translator credited in the Chinese language PDF.
T. Kingfisher - Nettle and Bone T.金费舍 - 荨麻和骨头 272 page PDF and EPUB
Tamsyn Muir - Nona the Ninth 塔姆苏恩·缪尔 - 第九宫的诺娜 480 page PDF and EPUB
Travis Baldree - Legends and Lattes 特拉维斯·巴尔德里 - 传奇与拿铁 304 page PDF and EPUB
Best Novella (48MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 49MB)
Adrian Tchaikovsky - Ogres 艾德里安·柴可夫斯基 - 食人魔 EPUB
Alix E. Harrow - A Mirror Mended 阿利克斯·E.哈罗 - 修复的镜子 EPUB and PDF
C.L.Polk - Even Though I Knew the End 波尔克 - 既知结局 EPUB and PDF
Nghi Vo - Into the Riverlands 武仪 - 走进海滩 EPUB and PDF
Seanan McGuire - Where the Drowned Girls Go 肖恩宁·马奎尔 - 溺水女孩之谜 EPUB and PDF
T. Kingfisher - What Moves the Dead T.金费舍 - 是什么打动了死者 EPUB and PDF
Best Novelette (9.2MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 11MB)
Catherynne M. Valente - The Difference Between Love and Time 凯瑟琳·M.瓦伦特 - 爱与时间的区别 EPUB Story posted in English on Tor.com
Hai Ya - The Space-Time Painter 海漄 - 时空画师 DOCX Story posted in Chinese on Weibo by 8 Light Minutes
John Chu - If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You 朱中宜 - 如果你发现你在和健身大神对话,那就别太拘谨 EPUB, MOBI, PDF Story in English in Uncanny Magazine
Marie Vibbert - We Built this City 玛丽·韦伯特 - 此城由我们建造 EPUB, MOBI, PDF PDF Story in English in Clarkesworld Chinese translation by 罗妍莉 (Luo Yanli)
S. L. Huang - Murder by Pixel - Crime and Responsibility in the Digital Darkness 黄士芬 - 像素谋杀:数字黑暗中的犯罪与责任 EPUB, MOBI, PDF Story in English in Clarkesworld
Wole Talabi - A Dream of Electric Mothers 沃勒·塔拉比 - 电母之梦 2 PDFs, EPUB Story in English on Tor.com Story translated into Chinese posted by 不存在科幻 on weixin.qq.com Chinese translation by 孙薇 (Sūn Wēi)
Best Short Story (11MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 12MB)
Jiang Bo - On the Razor's Edge 江波 - 命悬一线 EPUB, PDF EPUB, PDF An introductory note on the English language files states that the following text is a machine translation.
John Wiswell - D.I.Y. 约翰·威斯韦尔 - D.I.Y. EPUB, MOBI, PDF Story in English posted on tor.com
Lu Ban - The White Cliff 鲁般 - 白色悬崖 EPUB, PDF EPUB, PDF No translator credited in the English language document.
Regina Kanyu Wang - Zhurong on Mars 王侃瑜 - 火星上的祝融 EPUB, MOBI, PDF EPUB, MOBI, PDF Story in Chinese posted on www.chinawriter.com.cn English translation by S. Qiouyi Lu (陸秋逸)
Ren Qing - Resurrection 任青 - 还魂 EPUB, PDF EPUB, PDF Story in Chinese posted by SF World on weixin.qq.com English translation by Blake Stone-Banks.
Samantha Mills - Rabbit Test 萨曼莎·米尔斯 - 兔子测试 EPUB, MOBI, PDF PDF Original English language story in Uncanny Magazines ; Chinese translation posted to aves.art . Chinese translation by 耿辉 (Geng Hui),
Best Series (102MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 113MB)
Adrian Tchaikovsky - Children of Time 艾德里安·柴可夫斯基 - 时间之子系列小说 31 page extract from the first novel, PDF
Ben Aaronovitch - Rivers of London 本·阿罗诺维奇 - 伦敦河 9 novels, PDF
Naomi Novik - The Scholomance 娜奥米·诺维克 - 通灵学院 150 page extract from the first novel, PDF Has NetGalley links to request copies of all 3 novels
Robert Jackson Bennett - The Founders Trilogy 罗伯特·杰克森·班奈特 - 铭印之子三部曲 273 page extract from the first novel, PDF Has NetGalley links to request copies of all 3 novels. In a Twitter exchange on 2023-08-21, Robert Jackson Bennett said that he had been told that all NetGalley requests should now be approved, although prior to that people were being denied.
Seanan McGuire - October Daye 肖恩宁·马奎尔 - 十月大野 2 page PDF with NetGalley links
Tamsyn Muir - The Ninth House 塔姆苏恩·缪尔 - 被锁住的坟墓 All 3 novels in PDF and EPUB
Best Graphic Story or Comic (2GB ZIP file; uncompressed size 2.1GB)
There is no packet submission for finalist Dune: The Official Movie Graphic Novel
Cyberpunk 2077: Big City Dreams 赛博朋克2077: 大城之梦 Complete 53 page PDF
Monstress Volume 7: Devourer 魔姬 7:吞噬者 180 page PDF
Once & Future Vol 4: Monarchies in the UK 过去与未来 第四部:英国的君主制 4 PDFs The Deluxe V1 PDF reprints issues 1-18 of the series, which correspond to the “regular” volumes 1, 2 and 3. Volume 4 - which is the work that is eligible for the Hugo - reprints issues 19-24. Volume 5, the continuation, contains issues 25-30.
Saga Volume 10 烽火世家 171 page PDF
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow 超级少女:明日之姝 223 page PDF
Kyle Buchanan - Blood Sweat and Chrome 凯尔·布坎南: 血汗与铬 384 page watermarked PDF
Lawrence M. Schoen - Buffalito World Outreach Project 劳伦斯·M.舍恩: 小水牛出海计划 764 page multilingual PDF and EPUB 764 page multilingual PDF and EPUB
Rob Wilkins - Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes 罗布·威尔金斯 - 特里·普拉切特:充满轶事的一生 528 page PDF and EPUB; 25 audio files The audio files are mono WAV files, 4.8GB in total.
S. L. Huang - The Ghost of Workshops Past 黄士芬 - 创作营的幽灵 2 PDFs and EPUB Original Tor.com post The two PDFs are broadly identical; one appears to be a printout of the webpage
Wil Wheaton - Still Just a Geek 威尔·惠顿 - 仍旧是极客 464 page watermarked PDF
Yang Feng - Chinese Science Fiction:An Oral History, Volume 1 杨枫 -《中国科幻口述史》第一卷 24 page PDF 402 page full text(中文全本)watermarked PDF
Best Editor (Long Form) (98MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 98MB)
There are no packet submissions for finalists Ruoxi Chen or Lindsey Hall.
Haijun Yao 姚海军 12 PDFs, one DOC, one XLS:
  • 三体1.pdf, 三体2.pdf, 三体3.pdf - 刘慈欣' (Cixin Liu) Three-Body Problem trilogy. Although these extracts seem to be taken from 2022 re-issues, it unclear what if any new content is in these editions, so - in my understanding of Hugo Award eligibility rules - these excerpts should not be considered as eligible works for the 2023 award.
  • 天空之眼.pdf - Philip K. Dick's Eye in the Sky - originally published in English in 1957, this Chinese translation by 孙加 (Sūn Jiā) published 2022. The PDF is 159 pages long, so roughly half of the complete 326 page book?
  • 如果我们无法以光速前行.pdf - Choyeop Kim's If We Cannot Move at the Speed of Light - originally published in Korean in 2019, this Chinese translation by 春喜 (Chūn Xǐ) published in 2022. This 38 page PDF contains the first story (스펙트럼 / 光谱 / "Spectrum") from this 9 story collection.
  • 宿命星空.pdf - Mary Robinette Kowal's The Fated Sky - originally published in English in 2018, this Chinese translation by 魏春予 (Wèi Chūnyǔ) published in 2022). The PDF is 188 pages long, so roughly half of the complete 420 page book?
  • 星际旅行日记.pdf - Stanisław Lem's Dzienniki gwiazdowe (The Star Diaries) - originally published in Polish in 1957, this Chinese translation by 王爽 (Wáng Shuǎng) published in 2022). This 137 page PDF contains a few stories from the 354 page collection.
  • 材料1:姚海军简介.doc - Single page bilingual mini-biography
  • 材料3:姚海军主编的世界科幻大师丛书目录Detailed Catalog of World Science Fiction Masters Series(3)(1).xls - the filename is fairly self-explanatory. Note that most of the entries refer to publications from years other than 2022, and so are not eligible for consideration for this year's Hugo Awards.
  • 狩猎愉快-刘宇昆.pdf - Ken Liu' Good Hunting collection. The 39 page PDF contains the title story, which first appeared in English on Strange Horizons in 2012.
  • 红石.pdf - 江波's (Bo Jiang) 红石 (Hóng Shí / "Red Stone"). The 33 page PDF contains the prologue(s) from the novel.
  • 逆时钟世界.pdf - Philip K. Dick's Counter-Clock World - originally published in English in 1967, this Chinese translation by 李懿 (Li Yi) published in 2022. This 150-page PDF contains roughly half of the complete 300 page novel.
  • 阿尔法卫星上的家族.pdf - Philip K. Dick's Clans of the Alphane Moon - originally published in English in 1964, this Chinese translation by 李天奇 (Lǐ Tiānqí) published in 2022. This 134 page PDF contains roughly half of the complete 288 page book.
  • 鸠笛草.pdf - 宮部みゆき' (宫部美雪 / Miyuki Miyabe) 鳩笛草 (Hatobuesō / Pigeon Whistle Grass) - originally published in Japanese in 1995, this Chinese translation by 张乐 (Zhāng Lè) published in 2022.
Huan Yan 颜欢 5 PDFs:
  • 阅读包:《先知机器》第二十五章.pdf - Chapter 25 of Prophet Machine (Xiānzhī jīqì) by 邓思渊 (Dèng Sīyuān)
  • 阅读包:《宿命星空》第三十章.pdf - Chapter 30 of The Fated Sky (Chinese translation) by Mary Robinette Kowal, translated by 魏春予 (Wèi Chūnyǔ)
  • 阅读包:《红星蓝调》第一章.pdf - Chapter 1 of Red Planet Blues (Chinese translation) by Robert J. Sawyer, translated by 张建光 (Zhāng Jiànguāng)
  • 阅读包:《逆时钟世界》第二章.pdf - Chapter 2 of Counter-Clock World (Chinese translation) by Philip K. Dick, translated by 李懿 (Li Yi)
  • 阅读包:《金羊毛》第一章.pdf - Chapter 1 of Golden Fleece (Chinese translation) by Robert J. Sawyer. CSFDB lists 4 translators for this book, it is unknown which one(s) worked on this chapter.
Lee Harris 李·哈里斯 A 2 page PDF and EPUB listing work edited in 2022
Sarah Peed 莎拉·皮德 A 1 page PDF listing work edited in 2022
Best Editor (Short Form) (47MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 51MB)
Feng Yang 杨枫 Issues 9-12 of the Chinese edition of Galaxy's Edge magazine
Neil Clarke 尼尔·克拉克 289 page packet containing 13 stories, PDF
Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki 奥亨埃科夫韦·唐纳德·埃克佩基 Bridging Worlds essay anthology in EPUB and PDF
Scott H. Andrews 斯科特·H·安德鲁斯 Beneath Ceaseless Skies issues 349 and 366 in EPUB, MOBI, PDF and PRC
Sheree Renée Thomas 雪莉·蕾妮·托马斯 Complete copy of the Trouble the Waters anthology; a complete copy of F&SF May 2022 issue, a dozen selected stories from Africa Risen and F&SF, all PDF
Xu Wang 汪旭 2 watermarked PDFs, appear to be stories or articles originally published in SF World magazine
Best Semiprozine (773MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 1.6GB)
Escape Pod 逃生舱杂志 8 MP3 episodes, plus a bilingual PDF note The note is translated into Chinese
FIYAH 新火幻想杂志 Issues 21-24 in PDF, plus a DOCX cover letter
PodCastle 科幻有声城堡 6 MP3 episode, plus a bilingual PDF note The note is translated into Chinese
Strange Horizons 奇异地平线 EPUB containing over 40 essays and stories
Uncanny Magazine 离奇杂志 389 page 2022 Highlights in PDF, MOBI and EPUB
khōréō 传播杂志 Issues 2.1 through 2.4 in EPUB and PDF, plus a PDF cover letter
Best Fanzine
The 2023 Hugo Awards website does not have any packet submissions available for download for this category as of 2023-09-01.
Chinese SF Academic Communications 中文科幻学术速递 47-page PDF in Chinese. There are also monthly linkblog/roundup posts in Chinese here, but note that only posts #1-12 are from 2022.
Zero G Science Fiction 零重力报 Google Drive copy of 84MB ZIP file of the PDFs for issues 007 and 008. A Baidu NetDisk download of the two Chinese-language issues is available here. You will need to enter the code mv0g in the input box that says "请输入提取码,不区分大小写".
Galactic Journey 银河之旅 254 page English-language collection in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.
Journey Planet 旅行星球 Issue 68 is dedicated to Chinese SF, and has bilingual content; all other issues are in English. PDFs of the individual 2022 issues, hosted at eFanzines.com: #62, #63, #64, #65, #66, #67, #68, #69. Alternative page at weebly.com with individual links to all the 2022 issues. A Baidu NetDisk download of all of those issues is available here. You will need to enter the code ka9d in the input box that says "请输入提取码,不区分大小写".
Nerds of a Feather 羽毛上的书虫 English language blog post about their Hugo Voter packet submission; direct links to the EPUB and PDF files. The 52-page PDF Chinese translation is also linked from that page, but can be loaded directly here or at an alternative link for the translation on Baidu Netdisk (the code should auto-populate, but enter the code rj8k if it does not).
Unofficial Hugo Book Club Blog 非官方雨果图书俱乐部博客 2.3MB ZIP file, containing: English language version in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats; Chinese translations in PDF and EPUB formats. Links: Google Drive, Send Big. Chinese translations by Zoë C. Ma.
Best Fan Writer
The 2023 Hugo Awards website does not have any packet submissions available for download for this category as of 2023-09-01.
Arthur Liu aka Heaven Duke 天爵 GitHub page with links to the Chinese and English language PDFs. The two PDFs have different content, due to the short time window available for translating the original material into English.
RiverFlow 河流 GitHub page with link to 40-page bilingual PDF.
Chris M. Barkley 克里斯 M·巴克利 52MB ZIP file containing an HTML file with message to Hugo Voters and links to selected posts at File 770, plus PDF versions of those File 770 posts. Links: Google Drive, Send Big.
Bitter Karella 比特·卡累利亚 147-page PDF of tweets, artwork, articles, etc, including a full copy of the third Midnight Pals book. Links: Google Drive, Send Big.
Jason Sanford 杰森·桑福德 3.1MB ZIP file containing a collection of fan writings in PDF, EPUB and PDF formats. Links: Google Drive, Send Big.
Örjan Westin 奥詹·威斯汀 188 page collection of 2022 stories in EPUB and PDF formats. Links: Dropbox, Send Big.
Best Fancast (923MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 932MB)
There is no packet submission for finalist The Coode Street Podcast.
Hugo Girl! 雨果女孩! 4 episodes in MP3 format, with transcripts of each in PDF and EPUB
Hugos There 雨果在那儿 5 episodes in MP3 format, and a PDF cover letter
Kalanadi 卡拉纳迪 Cover letter in PDF and DOCX with link to the YouTube channel YouTube channel
Octothorpe 井号键 3 episodes in MP3 format, each with transcripts in plain-text format
Worldbuilding for Masochists 构建折磨 3 episode in MP3 format, 2 with transcripts in PDF format, plus a PDF cover letter
Best Fan Artist (170MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 171MB)
Alison Scott 艾莉森·斯科特 6 page "booklet" in PDF and EPUB, plus individual PNG image files Whilst there is a fair amount of text in the PDF, it just describes the background to the images shown.
España Sheriff 埃斯帕那·沙利夫 Single page PDF and EPUB N/A - the minimal text just describes the images
Iain Clark 伊恩·克拉克 4 JPEG images N/A - the minimal text just states where the images were originally published
Laya Rose 莱亚·罗西 12 JPEG images N/A; there is some English text on a couple of the images, but nothing important.
Orion Smith 奥荣·史密斯 6 JPEG images N/A; there is some English text on a couple of the images, but nothing important.
Richard Man 文复明 8-page PDF The PDF has a couple of pages of English text, but is mostly photographs.
Best Professional Artist (819MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 826MB)
Alyssa Winans 艾丽莎·怀南斯 4 page PDF N/A - the minimal text just states where the images were originally published
Enzhe Zhao 赵恩哲 N/A 22 JPEGs and an MP4 video One of the images appears to be the cover of the June 2023 issue of SF World magazine, and thus not eligible for consideration, unless it is an older image that has been reprinted? The filenames of two of the images indicate they were previously published in Spectrum 24 (2017) and Spectrum 27 (2020), which would similarly exclude them from consideration for this year's awards.
Jian Zhang 张舰 N/A - there is no text on the images 14 JPEGs
Kuri Huang 久里 14-page PDF of book covers The English PDF has bilingual text on the cover page
Paul Lewin 保罗·勒温 Single-page PDF N/A - there is no text in the PDF
Sija Hong 六厘 N/A - there is no text in the PDF 7-page PDF
Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)
There are no packet submissions from any of the finalists: Avatar: The Way of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Nope, Severance or Turning Red.
Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) (2.3GB ZIP file; uncompressed size 2.3GB)
There are no packet submissions from the other finalists: Andor (two episodes), For All Mankind, She-Hulk or Stranger Things.
The Expanse: Babylon's Ashes 苍穹浩瀚: 巴比伦灰烬 1080p M4V video file, no subtitles
Astounding Award for Best New Writer (30MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 31MB)
Everina Maxwell 埃弗里娜·麦克斯韦 Ocean's Echo in EPUB and PDF
Isabel J. Kim 金志荣 Collection of 10 stories in 2 PDFs and an EPUB One of the stories is also translated into Chinese
Maijia Liu 刘麦加 1 story translated into English, the other summarized, both in PDF format 2 stories in PDF format
Naseem Jamnia 纳西姆·詹妮亚 The Bruising of Qilwa in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats
Travis Baldree 特拉维斯·巴尔德里 Legends and Lattes in EPUB and PDF
Weimu Xin 辛维木 3 PDFs with a story each
Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book (95MB ZIP file; uncompressed size 100MB)
Catherynne M. Valente - Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods 凯瑟琳·M.瓦伦特 - 无名欧斯莫和八便士森林 416 page PDF
Charlie Jane Anders - Dreams Bigger than Heartbreak 查理·简·安德斯 - 梦想比心碎更大 320 page PDF
Naomi Novik - The Golden Enclaves 娜奥米·诺维克 - 黄金飞地 237 page PDF excerpt Contains link to request full copy on NetGalley
Nnedi Okorafor - Akata Woman 妮狄・欧柯拉福 - 阿卡塔女巫 48 page PDF excerpt
Rachel Hartman - In the Serpent's Wake 瑞秋·哈特曼 - 巨蟒觉醒 512 page PDF
Tracy Deonn - Bloodmarked 崔西·德恩 - 血痕 577 page PDF and EPUB

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