Charts showing Hugo/WSFS award finalists and their rating counts on Goodreads

Hugo Award - Best Novel / Best Novel or Novelette


Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book

Retro Hugo Award - Best Novel


  • This chart is a bit of a mess because (as far as I can tell) ISFDB doesn't record the year the Retro Hugos apply to, just the year they were awarded, which could be 50, 75 or 100 years difference. It wouldn't be impossible to either (a) have some hard-coded hacks with the "real" years and/or (b) use the first publication date of the nominated books to work out the "real" year, but right now this isn't something I'm interested in doing.
  • The Sword in the Stone in 2014/1939 is probably under-reported, as it appears in the omnibus The Once and Future King, which has just under 90k ratings as of May 2019. This is the publication which provides the ratings count for The Ill-Made Knight in 2016/1941, as seemingly no stand-alone edition of that volume with an ISBN has ever been published, and so these charts have to fall back onto the omnibus edition in the absence of any other option.
  • 1996 finalist/1945 published Red Sun of Danger aka Danger Planet has - as of August 2020 - messy data on Goodreads that cause it to not be matched up via the API, and whilst this isn't unusual, it's a bit more involved than similar issues I've encountered whilst working on this project, which I've been able to fix myself via Goodreads librarian privileges. As of August 2020, it has 6 ratings for the Red Sun of Danger title, and 32 for the Danger Planet incarnation, so 38 ratings overall.