Charts showing SF&F award finalists and their rating counts on Goodreads

Last updated 2020-08-30; see below for the full change history.

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Hugo Award Best Novel / Best Novel or Novelette Retro Hugo Award Best Novel Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book Locus Poll Award Best Fantasy Novel Locus Poll Award Best First Novel Locus Poll Award Best SF Novel Locus Poll Award Best Horror Novel / Best Horror/Dark Fantasy Novel Locus Poll Award Best Young Adult Book Nebula Award Novel British Science Fiction Award Best Novel British Fantasy Award August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel British Fantasy Award August Derleth Fantasy Award (Best Novel) / Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Science Fiction Novel The Kitschies Golden Tentacle (Best Debut Novel) The Kitschies Red Tentacle (Best Novel) John W. Campbell Memorial Award Best Science Fiction Novel Philip K. Dick Award Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel World Fantasy Award Best Novel Bram Stoker Award Superior Achievement in a First Novel Bram Stoker Award Superior Achievement in a Novel Bram Stoker Award Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel Dragon Award Best Alternate History Novel Dragon Award Best Apocalyptic Novel Dragon Award Best Fantasy Novel Dragon Award Best Horror Novel Dragon Award Best Media Tie-In Novel Dragon Award Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel Dragon Award Best Science Fiction Novel Dragon Award Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel Goodreads Choice Awards Fantasy Goodreads Choice Awards Horror Goodreads Choice Awards Paranormal Fantasy Goodreads Choice Awards Science Fiction Goodreads Choice Awards Young Adult Fantasy / Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction Ditmar Award / Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award Best International Long Fiction Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis Bester ausländischer SF-Roman / Bestes ausländisches Werk


First public release.
Regenerated charts, as some books (notably Ender's Game) were displaying incorrect figures due to wrong editions being picked up; link to commentary on BFA by Stephen Theaker. TODO: Update supporting blurb based on comments/feedback at File 770.
Hover over the book dots or the finalists table to see the history of that author in the given award/category; minor blurb and commentary tweaks; lots of behnd-the-scenes code improvements that should reducem the possibility of wrong rating counts being displayed.
Added preview images of the charts to the landing page (access logs indicate a non-trivial number of visitors not clicking through to any pages, hopefully this will be more involving?); added more content to the About page, other tweaks.
Regenerated with latest ISFDB data to pick up all (?) of the 2019 award finalists. Shouldn't be any visible functional change, but a fair bit of code has been reworked to support generating these charts for datasets other than award finalists, so apologise and please Tweet me if you see anything broken. (None of the non-award charts have yet been published, as I'm still fine-tuning things, but they cover things like all books reviewed in particular magazines, books from particular publishers, books by particular authors, etc.)
Updated with 2020 data. Added Goodreads Choice and Kitschies; removed Seiun Best Translated Award due to weird display glitches, which on checking, were present last year but which I never noticed at the time.